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Treats & Goodies

Illustration of 2 chocolate chip cookies

Here are a few of the treats we’re baking up in the Hard Winter kitchen this season. Everything is prepared and baked in-house, and subject to availability. It's always worth stopping by to see if any of our bakers have created a unique one-off treat that day- each member of our team is as creative as they are skilled, and there are often new projects on the go.

Meet the Treats


As the weather heats up, our ingredients become even more seasonal and locally sourced. Summer brings apricot tarts, ice cream sandwiches, stone fruit galettes, savoury tomato + basil galettes and so much more. In the cooler months we bring out all of the warm flavours like ginger, cinnamon and of course be sure to try our all butter classic shortbread in the month of December.


Our hit chocolate chunk cookies made with browned butter and sea salt, a new summer sablé and a customer favourite- our kitchen sink cookie! At the end of the week, we bring out our oat fig biscuits on Friday and Saturdays. 


One of the most popular items from the Hard Winter kitchen. These buttery scones come in a variety of flavours, but you can always count on blueberry and lemon and cheddar parmesan. In December you'll find our fresh cranberry and white chocolate scones.

Bars, squares, cake, & tarts

Our wheat free brownies are fudgey and flourless, made with excellent quality dark Belgium chocolate, pleasing to gluten-free and gluten-loving eaters alike. Throughout the week, we have date squares and cheesecake bars. On Saturdays, we add our killer carrot cake to the rotation.


We're making a frangipane tart with a rotating sidekick of fruit, and our classic lemon brûlée tart.


We use our own sourdough pizza dough (also available to take home by itself) to make beautiful daily sourdough focaccia. Our featured quiche this month, always in a hand-made tart shell, is a roasted squash and goat cheese. At the end of the week, we bake some of our cheddar cheese twists.

Cinnamon buns

Every Friday and Saturday, we make several trays of our pecan sticky buns.

Granola & biscotti

Our house-made granola is sweetened with honey and freshly squeezed orange juice and slowly baked to perfection. The biscotti features a delicate balance of almond, rosemary, white chocolate, and ginger. Bags of both are available year-round in our retail space.

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