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Welcome to your neighbourhood bakery.

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It is our belief at Hard Winter Bakery that when you combine the right knowledge, natural ingredients, and lots of hard work, great things will happen. That’s what we strive for.

Visit Us

Monday   closed

Tuesday   8am - 4pm

Wednesday   8am - 4pm

Thursday   8am - 4pm

Friday   8am - 4pm
Saturday   9am - 2pm

Sunday   closed

Rustic loaf of bread on a bread board cut into slices
Illustration of a rustic loaf of bread

Eat Good Bread.

Bread is at the heart of every good meal. All of our bread is 100% sourdough based, using a 24 hour fermenting process. While our offerings can fluctuate slightly week-to-week and seasonally, and every item is subject to availability, this is what is currently on the menu.

Strawberry rhubarb filled pastries
Illustration of 2 chocolate chip cookies

Not Just bread

Our pastries are lovingly hand made from scratch using all butter as well as our own house made creams and fillings. It's always worth stopping by to see if any of our bakers have created a unique one-off treat that day-- each member of our team is as creative as they are skilled, and there are often new projects on the go.

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Catering & Events

Let us help you make your event special and delicious.
Hard Winter helps to create a perfect menu for your event. We specialize in breakfast, lunch, afternoon sweets, morning coffee and snacks, and appetizers/finger foods. We offer our clients a selection of freshly baked goods, pastries, sandwiches on our in-house sourdough, and locally-sourced fresh fruit, coffee, and tea. The options are abundant, and we can work with you to accommodate your event vision and budget.

Rustic loaves of bread lined up on a bakers rack
Simpler times, natural ingredients,
and a lot of hard work.
Bakery owners, Jessica and Graham are smiling as they work with bread dough
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Baked by Neighbours

Hard Winter Bakery is a neighbourhood sourdough bakery located in East City Peterborough, Ontario.

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